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May 2022:

25 Years On: What Happened to Tony Blair’s Unbeatable Coalition – History, 1997 and All That

April 2022:

Keeping Johnson in Power Will Only Benefit Putin in His War Against Democracy – Backbench

1992 at 30: What if Kinnock had won it? – Tides of History

March 2022:

The Northern Ireland Question: The Inevitable Goodbye – Backbench

February 2022:

Sir John Major and the Tory Outcast Club – Perspectives

The End is Nigh: How Will Boris Johnson Be Viewed By History – Backbench

January 2022:

Labour Must Seize Their Chance in Bury South If They Want Johnson Out – Perspectives

In Defence of Blair’s Knighthood – Backbench

Born in the USA: Labour and the Special Relationship – Tides of History

December 2021:

Is ‘Partygate’ the New Black Wednesday for the Tories? – Backbench

North Shropshire By-Election: Boris Johnson’s Fate Lies in the Balance – Perspectives

November 2021:

Labour Must Be Careful: Their Anti-Sleaze Rhetoric Could Backfire – Perspectives

Boris Johnson: The Macmillan of Our Times? – Perspectives

October 2021:

Rock Bottom: What Can Labour Learn From Its Worst Defeat – Tides of History

Every Labour Leader Ranked: From Hardie to Corbyn – Tides of History

Must Labour Always Lose (book review) – Tides of History

September 2021:

Has Keir Starmer made Labour serious about winning again? – Perspectives

August 2021:

Boris Johnson’s Social Care Plan: A Labour Prime Minister? – Perspectives

Scotland: The Greens and the Union – Perspectives

Afghanistan: The Stain on Biden and Johnson’s Reputation – Perspectives

Is Victory Labour’s Greatest Fear – Perspectives

July 2021:

Boris Johnson’s Lies: What Happened to the Truth? – Perspectives